• Saved Email

    By Cheryl Randall 10 years ago

    We are just starting to test sending command line email messages.  We have noticed that the sent message doesn't appear in the "Sent" folder.  We did not specify the --nosave parameter.  Where do we find it?  We also looked in the log subdirectory and didn't see it there either.    

    • Sent mail

      By Sami Salkosuo 10 years ago

      Please check "All documents" folder.  But as you noticed they don't appear in Sent folder.

      And I don't know why... I looked at document properties on a document in Sent folder and it had quite a lot of fields. But mail sent by CLENotes has only a few fields. I guess Sent folder selects mails based on one or other field in the document that doesn't exist in mails sent by CLENotes.

      Does any one know how mails are selected in Sent-folder?

    • In All Documents??

      By Cheryl Randall 10 years ago

      I have retested the CLI Notes and it is not in the All Documents either.  This would be great if the mail was saved somewhere so it could be resent if there was a failure.

      • Not in All Documents?

        By Sami Salkosuo 10 years ago


        Could you give some information about your environment? Using command clenotes notes-version

        Also could you post the command that you are using? I try to replicate the problem.

        And please verify that mails are not in server or local replicas.


        • By Sebastian Kenter 6 years ago

          I have the same problem. The documents are not in the “sent” folder, but are visible in “all documents” and in “drafts”.

          My commandline is:
          clenotes.cmd –server-name=Mailserver1/Server/ACME/DE –database-name=mail\ftest.nsf send –to=halli.galli@company2.de,sebastian.kenter@Company1.de –principal=itinfrastruktur@acme.de–subject=“test notes client, by Kenter” –body=” hi, wie geht es dir?” –attach=CHANGES.txt –html

          The documents in the draft folder have these items:

          Server 8.5.3 FP6
          Client 8.5.3 FP6
          Java 8 V31 32 Bit


          • By Sami Salkosuo 6 years ago

            Please try the new version 5.1.1.
            I added PostedDate field to sent documents because apparently Notes requires that PostedDate field is present in document before it's added to Sent-view.

            • By Sebastian Kenter 6 years ago

              Thank you for your very fast response and the new release. The documents can now be found in the “sent” view.
              Regards Sebastian