• [ERROR] Replication server must be specified.

    By Lischke Stefan 7 years ago


    the replication command will result with the error

    "[ERROR] Replication server must be specified."

    The command line is:

    C:\Users\S33208\Downloads\CLENotes-4.2.2\CLENotes-4.2.2>clenotes.cmd --replica-i
    d=C1257A40002FB331 --server-name="RCMAIL1/XXXX/XXXX/DE" replicate

    other variant with ..."--server=""RCMAIL1/XXXX/XXXX/DE"... -> same result.

    Any idea?



    • Re: [ERROR] Replication server must be specified.

      By Sami Salkosuo 7 years ago

      Replicate-command needs the server-option to be after the command. Please try like this

      clenotes.cmd --replica-id=XXX replicate --server=XXX/YYY

      --replica-id option is before command because it is used in other commands too. But --server option is specific to replicate-command.