• Setting Styling Properties

    By Jeroen van der Wal 1 decade ago

    Chrysalis LSX has the possibility to be a gem but I'm really missing the feature to set the styling properties (eg. color, font) of views and columns.

    The project is living a silent live on OpenNTF. Is there any development going on?

    • By Timothy B Nichols 1 decade ago

      Hello, thanks for the suggestion.

      I still maintain the source code and have been adding some features as requested. Honestly though, not many requests have surfaced since I put this out (when R5 was the current release).

      Then R6 added a lot of features in LotusScript for programmatic manipulation of views.

      But the fonts/ colors mods seem like a good idea. I'll see what I can do.

      Perhaps you can spend some time to help test these new features once they are available.