• Read Methods

    By Timothy B Nichols 2 decades ago

    I would like to add Read methods that take design information and push it to a parameter document.


    Set parmDoc = new NotesDocument(db)

    Call cAgent.Read(parmDoc)

    MsgBox parmDoc.Comment

    Set parmDoc = new NotesDocument(db)

    Call cView.Read(parmDoc)

    MsgBox parmDoc.Comment

    • replaceItemValue

      By Timothy B Nichols 1 decade ago

      Anyone have the LSX "replaceItemValue" call figured out? Please post working example if so.

      I'd like to create an agent manager form that loads all existing agent settings, and allows you to toggle them from notes interface. Currently, I do this with a separate "Read" DLL I wrote.

      Ideallly, this feature should live in this LSX and not require a separate DLL…but I have not gotten that LSX API call to work successfully.