• Bootstrap in 8.5.3 with Extension Library

    By Karl A Cavallini 4 years ago

    I am able to get this plugin to work for the most part; however it is not replacing the tundra body class with the dbootstrap class. This is causing a variety of issue when rendering certain controls (name picker, date/time picker,ect.). See below for my body class compared to the bootstrap4xpages code markup. Any ideas as to what I am doing incorrectly?

    –> correct in bootstrap4xpages
    –> incorrect in my 8.5.3 implementation

    • By Karl A Cavallini 4 years ago

      Trying to add code example again. Filters are too smart. See if this works.

      body class=“xsp dbootstrap” –> correct in bootstrap4xpages
      body class=“xps tundra” –> incorrect in my 8.5.3 implementation

    • By Karl A Cavallini 4 years ago

      Also discovered the dbootstrap css file is not loaded. Possibly some issue with DOJO compatability. Currently date/name picker are not rendering correctly, maybe this is just related to controls using dojo? Up for any suggestions as using this plugin to provide a bootstrap look and feel on 8.5.3 will help sell my organization on xpage functionality and remain on the Domino platform and more incentive to upgrade to Domino 9, instead of migrating off platform. I hope IBM realizes this is an important feature as it will help sell Domino 9; otherwise if not possible I will have to complete my project on oneuiv2.1 (not the impact of bootstrap). Thanks. This is a great feature..I just need to get it working to show business partner the value in Domino/Xpages.

    • By Karl A Cavallini 4 years ago

      Here is current date/time core picker render issue.

      My code snippet for the control. Ignore the label name it doesn't represent the date/time field.

      Dom info rendered.