• What theme do I use for latest Bootstrap4XPages plugin?

    By Dan Zeller 5 years ago

    I have my server with the latest plugin – using the updatesite.nsf. I can preview the Bootstrap4XPages demo database perfectly.

    When I change the Extension Library demo database to use Bootstrap, nothing appears. In the Application Properties, I have:

    1. HTML doctype set to HTML5
    2. XPages libraries - both extension library and bootstrap library are checked
    3. Set the Theme to: bootstrapv3.1.1

    The application opens, but no menus/outlines/buttons/etc. They look like they are hidden.

    I have tried changing the themes to: bootstrapv2.3.2r and to bootstrap4xpages, but neither of those work. However, it shows the menus/links/etc., but with no style.

    Is there something I missed in setting the Application Properties?


    • By Steve Cochrane 5 years ago


      In your theme, you can try “bootstrapv3.0.0”. You can always extend the theme, too, by having css files in your application, and linked in the theme.

      You should also add the viewport to your theme:


      This should help in the responsiveness, and may be what you're missing.

      Good luck!