• Changing Bootstrap theme for individual applications using Bootstrap4XPages

    By JC Mejia 5 years ago

    To change the theme for bootstrap I would change out the css file and it would take on the new attributes. However, I don't know how to do that with bootstrap4xpages.

    I want to use one of the bootswatch themes. Normally I would replace the bootstrap.min.css with the new theme. However, I don't know how to do that with bootstrap4xpages, and if I change anything I am afraid it will be global and affect all XPage applications.

    Is there any easy way to reference a different bootstrap.min.css per application while still using bootstrap4xpages ?

    • By JC Mejia 5 years ago

      I found a posting from Paul Withers on another site, and did as he said, just add the css as a style sheet to the application resources, then add the style sheet resource to the xpage. But, I see that I am loading both style sheets, bootstrap.css, and also xyz.css (that I setup as a style sheet resource). The latter overwrites bootstrap.css styles, but still has the additional overhead of loading an unused css file. Is there a better way?

      • By Steve Cochrane 5 years ago


        You could create a Bootstrap3.0.0 theme, and extend it with other stylesheets. That's what we're doing, however, not with Bootswatch themes. We're using the Bootstrap4Xpages 3.0.0 theme, and overriding a few things plus adding our own.