• Adding annotation functions on the picture XPage

    By Alexandru Cohal 8 years ago

    I would like to add an image annotation technique from


    (check the demo at http://www.sanisoft.com/downloads/imgnotes-0.2/example.html)

    It would be best to display the tools when opening the image in its own page, but I can not find where the image element is picked up from the Notes document and inserted into the "picture" XPage.

    Could you please help me to move forward.


    • just a guess

      By Patrick Kwintensson 8 years ago



      I believe in the current version the document is straight loaded via url: e.g. viewname/docid?opendocument command

      Via the form properties is said that the document should be opened with an xpage. 


      This we have to rewrite in the next version of Bildr to my opinion (straight open the xpage).

      I am not sure if a image placeholder is used at the moment or just html is injected (computed text that displayes html as in [img src= ] etcetera..