• Lightbox grouping

    By Marius Loewe 1 decade ago

    It would be nice if all views would group pictures together so you get a "next" button in the lightbox like the latest contribution is doing it.

    E.g. in the $v-pixbycategory view change the Thumb column to (group=\"" + Photo_Category + "\" was added):

    prefixFoto := "./$v-pixbydocuid/" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "/$File/";

    "\" title=\"" + Photo_Title + "\" dojoType=\"dojox.image.Lightbox\" group=\"" + Photo_Category + "\">

    • great idea

      By Patrick Kwintensson 1 decade ago

      I guess the best implementation would be that the administrator can steer it via the preferences..

    • will add it to the search view...

      By Patrick Kwintensson 1 decade ago
    • Included in release 3.02

      By Patrick Kwintensson 10 years ago