• Need more room before the first tabstop in the Log Que Report

    By Mike Eckert 1 decade ago

    In the Log Que report the first tabstop is at 2.5 – would be better if it was at 3.5 and the subsequent tabs all moved to the right an inch – our heirarchical names are causing the first line of the users que stats to be one tab stop to the right compared to the minimum and maximum entries. See example below…

    Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx/XXX/XxxxxXxxxxx 59 entries from 09/13/2005 12:45:32 AM EDT to 09/14/2005 12:11:18 AM EDT

    Maximum 142 @ 09/13/2005 05:45:23 PM EDT 138 @ 09/13/2005 05:45:23 PM EDT

    Minimum 109 @ 09/13/2005 12:45:32 AM EDT 105 @ 09/13/2005 12:45:32 AM EDT

    I tried adjusting it in the code, but the %include references an lss that wasn't included in the distribution.

    • Formatting of Queue Report

      By Eric Parsons 1 decade ago

      Will be adding better formatting of the Queue Report to next release (similar to the message reports).

      Am working on distribution of source for the include file(s) so that individuals may recompile if required for their location.

      • QRepEntry.lss source

        By Eric Parsons 1 decade ago

        The source for the QRepEntry.lss file is available at http://startingblockcomputing.com/bban/QRepEntry.lss. You may need to make changes to the QReport library to point to the location you have chosen for this source.