• error with the new 64 bit dll

    By MAILLET Benoit 8 years ago

    Hi all.

    I got an error when trying to delete a note with the new 64 bits version:

    Agent printing: Error 165 on line 24 of Audit Manager agent: External function not found


    I do not see where the error is in the agent code.

    on a domino 8.5.1 fp3 64bits on windows 2008 64 bits.

    • Possible Cause

      By Neil Gower 8 years ago


      I notice you added    logdoc.AM_FormName = newdoc.Form(0) to the audit manager agent, there is not always the newdoc context, can you remove that line and see if the issue still happens.

      • strange things...

        By MAILLET Benoit 8 years ago

        Hi and thanks for the answer.

        I was using the agent provided with the new template and i did not recreate the logdoc.AM_FormName = newdoc.Form(0) line.

        but i wanted to be sure, so i opened my designer to check the agent.

        It was a big surprise as the agent was not here...I do not know what happened, but the agent has diseappears from every replica of this database.

        so i re-added it and tested and: same error.

        i will try to upgrade domino to the last 8.5.3, maybe the dll call fonctions that does not exists under 8.5.1...

        • Very Odd

          By Neil Gower 8 years ago

          Please do try on 8.5.3 and see if it works.