• Using it in R5

    By Dave Jacques 1 decade ago

    Hi, I just need a bit of information for the agent .AppObserveAgents R5.

    I need to run this application on R5, while the migration to R7 is completed. I know it is not design to work on R5 and I understand why. Is it possible to :

    -scan all databases with an R7 client to fill up the Agent Monitor Database,

    -create a replica of this database on the R5 server,

    -and schedule the .AppObserveAgents R5 to observe the good working of agents on the R5 server?



    • .AppObserveAgents R5

      By Joerg Reck 1 decade ago


      in the database should be an agent called .AppObserveAgents R5

      This agent can you schedule on several servers.

      I hope it helps.

      Greetings JJR