• observation of agents wich do not run the whole day

    By Guenther Rupitz 1 decade ago

    i have a few agents that run only during the day (07:00-20:00). When enabling the observation with a observation interval of one day i get an error during the night.

    it should be possible to retrieve the time the agent should not run an disable the messages during this time.


    Server: XXX/XXX/XX

    File: mail\invoice\invoice.nsf

    LastRun: 00:00:00

    Exceeding: 18346 - 2009.10.03 06:05:03

    • It should be possible ;-)

      By Joerg Reck 1 decade ago


      I will take a look ASAP.

      Greetings JJR

    • Design Update?

      By Joerg Reck 1 decade ago

      Short question is there a design update running during the night?

      Greetings JJR