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    By Gary L Morrison 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure if this is the correct project name or not, I am actually commenting on Agent Manager, when I click on Add Entry to discuss in the project I get 404 error.

    Anyway, is there a way to modify the Agent Manager to also search for a string across all databases/agents.

    I am looking for away to go thru all databases and search for something like "XYZ01", and identify all agents on the server that have this string.

    • By Joerg Reck 1 decade ago


      I'm lookin if I can implement a feature like you described.

      Greetungs JJR

      • By Gary L Morrison 1 decade ago

        I am thinking this could be done in the database. I tried following the code useing LotusScript debugger, but couldn't find the source code in the agent that the database was pulling information about.

        If I know which one of the database agents actually had the detail available about the agent it is analyzing then one could do the search at that point.

        • .AppCollectAgentInfo

          By Joerg Reck 1 decade ago

          The Agent .AppCollectAgentInfo is looking over all databases on a server.

          The Agent .AppNCCollectAgentOInfo is lookinh+g for a selected database

          In both agents is the sub parseAgents, I think your target, or?

          Greetings JJR