• Stack overflow

    By Ronald K Turnbull 1 decade ago

    Hi. I've now installed Active Site in two separate environemnts (Windows and AIX) in the past few weeks. I have run into the same problem on both. I receive a "Stack overflow at line XXX" from Internet Explorer. Then the site becomes unusable. I was posting a couple of documents to the public website when this happened, if memory serves. Have you seen this before? Regrettable as I was just about to show somebody how (well) it worked. is there something else I can provide to help troubleshhoot?

    • Scrren shot

      By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

      Never seen this before.

      Could you provide a screen shot showing the error.

      • JS Image

        By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

        Stack overflow has been traced to the javascript displaying the icon for attached files - this has been fixed in V5.00