• Mail in database

    By Ron Turnbull 1 decade ago

    Very professional looking interface, well documented project, one of the best I've come across… appears to be very useful. I have got everything to work but the one thing that i am having problems with is that I no longer get a response when I try to post a document from my Lotus email. I have had it working previously but I've re-installed and probably don't have the correct setting. I am using a mailin database called mymailin@Xanadu. It is receiving my email, but I don't get the acknowledgement message. Where is this message supposed to come from? Where do I need to set this? Global settings? Thanks for your help.

    • Mail in dB

      By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

      Things to check are that you have a valid user record for yourself in the application and that the mail in record points to the correct database.

      Are documents being creted in Active Site after you send an email to the application - but your not getting an email confirmation?

      The agent that handles the mail in side is called MailHandler - if an error occurs in this agent you should receive an error email - check global settings and make sure your email address is listed to receive error emails.