• IE Crashes

    By Ingo Spichal 1 decade ago


    I've just downloaded ActiveSite and installed it like you descibed it in the Admin Manual.

    When I open ActiveSite in IE 6 and login, I can add content. I just added a new document, edited some text and attached a file.

    When I open this document for editing, I get lots of messages in the status bar of the IE (Downloading xyz…) and the page flickers. The box with the attachment is overlapping the Editorbox for the Richtextfield and after a while the IE crashes.

    I can't edit anything or use the menu before the crash.

    Another point : When I open the database in a Notes-Client and look at the top frame, there is a text which tells me, I am using V3.02.

    But I just downloaded V5.00 from OpenNTF.

    Kind regards

    Ingo Spichal

    • Try another document

      By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

      Could you try and create another document and then edit it to see if you get the error again.

      With and without a file attached.

      We had problems in a previous version with file attachments with an unknown icon image but that should be fixed in this release.

      I look forward to your response.