• First, amazing stuff! Then; can't see the menu ?!?

    By Robert Ibsen Voith 1 decade ago

    I have been playing around with the AS database for a short while. One thing I can get quite straight, is how to enable the CSS menu for the documents I publish.

    I have added a couple of documents and stored then in their own categories. Both documents are published, and indeed visible if I check out the site map. My understanding was that I should see a DHTML menu "Menu" just after "Home" and before "About us", showing the categories dynamicly. However, I only see the "Site Map", so the sequence is now Home; Site Map; About Us ….

    • Site Map

      By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

      The site Map is the public (website) interface to the published documents.

      Site Map uses a dhtml tree component to allow visitors to access all published content, please take a look at the flash presentation, which should give you a good overview of how the various Active Site components work together.