• Linux Domino 6.5 Server Question

    By L H 1 decade ago

    Does this application work on Domino 6.5 running on Linux? I have it running perfectly on a windows OS Domino server. On the Linux OS Domino server everything works except when logging in. It lets me log in but it's like it doesnt recogzine who i am. for example on the initial screen where it says "Welcome " it only says "Welcome " after i log in on the linux hosted Active Site. no error messages at all also the Edit button is missing. On both servers I am logging in with an account that has admin rights.

    Any ideas?

    • Linux

      By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

      Yes Active Site does work on Linux platform - have you checked the ACL setting for Anonymous access sounds like it may NOT be set to no access for anonymous.

      • Alright, I do get an error message.

        By L H 1 decade ago

        I changed "Anonymous" from "Author" to "no access", but that just forced me to login right when you pull up the Active Sites initial page.

        ACLs are identical on each server (Windows & Linux).

        I did notice every time I try to login with any user account I get "openWebPage: Invalid universal id at 23" error message emailed to me via the error agent. I'm not sure what kind of problem this is, could it be a security issue? On this same server (Linux) I'm running DomBulletin without any problems.

        Thanks for responding to my questions.

        Luis H