• How do you add a View

    By Luis C Contreras 1 decade ago

    I've installed Active Site and it's excellent. I do have one or two questions though. 1) Is there an easy way to create a new menu item (Site Map, About Us, Login, etc.) that points to a document or to a View 2) For Views, I know how to create a View, now, though it was a bit tricky, but is there a way to reuse one of the forms that has the nice menu bar on it? The latter question is really the clincher that I'm struggling with.



    PS I would like to contribute on this project. Any tips you can point me to to get me started would be great. Also, I would be happy to add to the documentation if that would help.

    • Collaboration

      By Ian Gillett 1 decade ago

      Hello Luis,

      To add a new item to the main website menu bar, you need to edit the CSSMENU subform and add a new linkblock DIV, such as:

      Re – point 2 – if you add the CSSMENU subform to the form containing your embedded view you will get the menu bar, your probably best modifying the webdisp form to create your view template form.

      If you would like to help out with the project that would be great, a good place to start would be a user manual, which the software currently lacks.

      If you click on the Email master chef button and send over your email address we can take it from there.