• nice

    By Marleen Wiseman 1 decade ago

    thanks for sharing this. i was all excited as i read it covers the most interesting features of ytria actionbareasy. obviously this is not quite true. but you did a good job.

    • re: nice

      By Venelin N Todorov 1 decade ago

      Hi Marleen ,

      I do this tool only for my personal use only ,but because i get a lot of useful ideas from here decide to make my contribution.

      What i wrote is "most important and useful FEATURE" (not featureS).

      I think that the most important one is actionbar style.

      There is a room for improvements and if you wish u can join this project.


    • it is good

      By Marleen Wiseman 1 decade ago


      sorry I did not want to offend you. The tool is good. I guess I was just a little disappointed but only because I interpreted the description wrong. I will not be able to contribute because I am quite new to the Lotus world. The tool is good - you did well. Thanks again, Marleen