• View selection formula corrupted

    By Pawel PK Kruszewski 1 decade ago

    Hello, I've used 1.02 Action Bar version to change action bar icons on multiple views. I've used 7.0.1 notes on 6.5 database (changed also by LN7). First it had problems on setting icons with view without action bar at all. Then after I fixed this it worked by not all Action Bar icons were the same as the one I wanted to copy, for ex. some icons weren't shared ones as in original. Last error which occurred and is in my opinion critical one is that selection formula on some changes views is corrupted. You cannot change it and it takes it's value from column formula. Probably internal view structure is changed in unexpected manner so LN Designer cannot handle changes any more. Problem disappears after deleting all view columns and setting new selection formula. Compact and Fix up gives 0 errors. View are indexed even though they're not showing any results. Example of corrupted selection formula: SELECT @Name([Abbreviate];DBServer) - it's column formula and cannot be changed. With any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at kruszewsky@gmail.com.