• Large groups can't be expanded

    By Michel Meyers 1 decade ago

    When trying to expand very large groups of people, you get an error message: "Adding entry will cause text list to exceed 64k. Entry not added."

    Most likely the field used for the recipients is too limited. You'll either have to split/cascade the contents over multiple fields or find some other solution to get around this.

    • By Sebastian MacSpudik 5 years ago

      For all out there, who are getting the same issue, here is the solution:

      Preventing "Adding Entry will cause text list to exceed 64k" errors


      How to stop this happening
      To stop the server expanding the groups before sending the mail (and
      hence, stop this error message), you need to add a ExpandPersonalGroups
      field to the document being emailed, and set its value to zero.

      This really is as simple as just putting doc.ExpandPersonalGroups = 0 in your code, where doc is the NotesDocument object being mailed.

      If you're putting the field into a form, the field needs to be of type text and computed when composed.