• Need ability to call upon multi Address books

    By Michael Marcavage 1 decade ago
    • A quick Question and a new release based on guess work

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


      Just a couple fof questions

      1. Are these Fully provisioned Notes PABs or your own design
      2. Do you use the Directory Catalogue
      3. Do you want the user to be able to select or do you just want the search to read several address books any return the data from each?

        I have released V1.2.1 based on the assumption that you have multiple fully provisoned Domino PABs

        and want the lookup to look and return a combination of what it finds in each PAB.

        By Default the code will look up just NAMES.NSF … however you can add as many other PABs

        as you need by tweaking the code in the NP_CODE javascript library..

        There is an array called NP_PABs which only contains NAMES.NSF you can add your other

        PABs to this array and the procedure will check all you provide and return a sorted, alphabetic list

        that is a combination of the all the values found in all the PABs.