• Simple Select from Field's onFocus fails on Safari browser

    By Carl Tyler 1 decade ago

    Using the apple

    Safari browser

    The demo fails if you try out the example "Simple Select from Field's onFocus with additional field updates"

    The fields do not get updated, it looks like it can't get the selected index item or something.

    • Hmmmmm.....

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago

      Carl ..

      Sorry about that .. I don't have a MAC or access to one at this time…. do you happen to know is the Safari for Windoze the same as for the MAC? I will download a copy and see if I can find what the problem is…


    • HELP!

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


      I downloaded Safari for Winderz 2.0.4v from the apple site, but I can't get the damn thing to run… churns away for 4 minutes makes my HD sound like a washing machine on high spin and then gives me the "do you want to tell windows all about your problem" msg.. Tried debugging the message with no sucess.. I take it this is not normal behaviour on an XP machine? Any tips on how to get the damn thing to run?