• Problem with special characters

    By Edith Birrer 9 years ago

    I need a name picker now for a project and find it great to see a name picker project that is still living, and a name picker with such a recent release date!

    The drawback came when I started to test the picker: seems like the picker cannot handle non-ascii characters.

    On Firefox (3.5.8), the list that displays the names to select from does not display any special characters. (Pity I cannot attach a screenshot here). When I type "Büh", these characters are displayed correctly and it will correctly find all persons with names like "Bühler" etc., but the names in the selection box will display a "?" in a black diamond instead of the "ü" characters. This happens not only with the umlauts (ä, ö, ü), but also with the french and spanish special characters (like ç or ñ).

    On IE (7.0.xx), it is even worse: the picker cannot search for names with such characters - the status line shows "error in page". In the list of found names, when a name contains a special character, it is cut after this character (e.g. "Günther X" is displayed as "G? X").

    (I tested both on Domino 7.0.2 and 8.5.1 servers - behaviour is the same.)

    With this bug, the picker is not usable for us as an international company! (and what's more, we have to make apps run on IE…) However, it has so many features that I still hope I will be able to use it in the future. Please have a look into the IE problem and the international character handling. Thanks!

    • Fixed in v2.1

      By Martijn De Jong 9 years ago

      Thanks for letting us know. The easy way to solve this would have been to add the charset to the content type, but regretfully IE6 (and possibly earlier versions of IE7) ignores this, so I had to go for encoding the XMLHTTPRequest and let JavaScript decode it. Anyways, it works now. Tested on Firefox 3.6 and IE6. Please confirm that it works on other browsers as well.