• Need support Double-byte Character set language,such as chinese etc.

    By zh leo 1 decade ago

    Please support Double-byte Character Set language,such as chinese etc.

    • Goodness

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago

      Zh Leo

      I am sorry but I have absolutley no idea how to do this ….

      I have never used a DBCS and dont have access to any server or client to test it on.

      Can you give me an idea of the errors that you are getting and perhaps I can give you some

      pointers as to what is going wrong and perhaps think of some what to change the code

      I have just had a thought.. what is your server expecting…. SBCS or DBCS?

      I have had a little exposure to Japanese and I know that javascript converts strings to unicode on its own. I believe that if you subtract 65248 from the unicode number of any japanese zenkaku roomaji character, you get the unicode number for the single-byte hankaku roomaji character. For example, the unicode number for zenkaku 'a' is 65345, while the unicode number for hankaku 'a' is 97.

      Is this the same for Chinese?

      If anyone else out there has any DBCS experience … any pointers would be welcomed.