• Question about response times

    By David Lowry 7 years ago

    Testing the sample DB and it works just like I want.  However, it takes about 45+ seconds to return results.  NAB has 5500 users and on the local lan with server.  What type of response times would you expect?  I have not changed any configs in the sample db.  Thanks for any insight.

    • A couple of things

      By Steve McDonagh 7 years ago

      I wouldnt think that size of addressbook should take that long

      1. Is your names.nsf Full Text Indexed .. if not it should be
      2. in the (NP_PICKER)  there is a function NP_FindName()
      3. a wee bit down you will find the max number of records to return
          try reducing the intMax variable number to less that the current 25

      However I do think this is more to do with the creation of the document collection which would point at your names.nsf indices being odd.

      Although I will bow to Martin and Richard's expertise as they have done way more work recently on it than I

      ---* Steve


    • Response time shouldn't be more than few seconds

      By Martijn De Jong 7 years ago

      Hi David,

      Our response times on an addressbook of 40.000+ users are usually well below 2 seconds, so your response time is definitely not normal. The lookup mechanism does a lookup in the ($Users) view, which means, for this application, your addressbook does not need to be full text indexed (not a bad idea to have it full text indexed in general though), but if your ($Users) view's index was discarded it would have to be rebuild before the search can return any results and that takes time. As that view is used by Domino itself continuously it's unlikely though that its index is ever discarded.

      I think, like Steve said, check if your don't have a corrupt view index. If you have multiple Domino servers, check if lookups on other servers are faster. If so, rebuild the views on your addressbook on the slow server ("load updall -R names.nsf" when it's quiet). If not, check the index criteria on your ($Users) view. They should be on the default Refresh automatic and Discard if inactive for 45 days.

      Good to know: Searches won't start until you have entered at least 3 characters. It waits a certain time before it will start the search to see if you will type any additional characters. This time is defined in the NP_Picker JavaScript library as NP_timeout. If you have more than 3 characters and haven't typed anything for 200 ms (the default in the demo app), it starts searching.

      -- Martijn

      • Update

        By David Lowry 7 years ago

        Ran updall -R on names.nsf but didn't make a difference.  I also checked ($users) index properties and it is set to auto and discard after 45 if inactive.  I copied the sample DB to another Domino server in the same domain and it was also slow (45 - 60 seconds per lookup).  I am going to test it in a test domain and see if it works ok.  If you can think of any other things I can check let me now please.  I will keep poking around.  Thanks again.

        • update 2

          By David Lowry 7 years ago

          Ok, same result in my test domain however I have some more info.

          Test Domain is all Domino 8.5.2FP3.  Production app and mail server are also 8.5.2FP3.  Same slow response times with the sample DB.  Here is where it gets interesting.  I also still have 1 R7.0.2 server and a 8.5.1FP3 server in production domain. The sample DB runs excellent from those 2 servers.  I see about a 1 second response time which is awesome.  However those 2 servers will be upgraded so I cannot plan to use those.  At this point it looks like the code has a problem with at least 8.5.2FP3, or at least something specific to our environment that happened when we upgraded to 8.5.2FP3.  Has anyone tested this on this Domino version or know of a change that occured with this version of Domino that would cause this?  Thanks again.

          • Weird yet interesting

            By Martijn De Jong 7 years ago

            Our app servers are all still on 7.04. The mail servers are running 8.5.2 FP3, so I'll try to get a friendly admin to put the sample db down for me so I can test. Our Dev server is currently running 8.5.2 without fix packs and response times are fine there. I'll let you know when I've managed to test some things here.

            • I've tested on Domino 8.5.2 FP3

              By Martijn De Jong 7 years ago

              I got around testing the NP_Picker demo app on an Domino 8.5.2 FP3 server with an addressbook of about 70.000 users today. The result, no notable delays. Response times of less than a 1 sec. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the Domino server version.

              I obviously can't see what else was changed in your domain during the upgrade to 8.5.2 FP3, but it has to be something in there. Can't think of anything which could cause this though.