• AJAX Error

    By Michael o Jackson 1 decade ago

    I've been trying to use this control, it looks excellent and just what I need, all is fine with a new document, however when I have save the document and edited I get an error: "AJAX Error please report this error 0 500 Internal server error".

    Have tried with the demo supplied (putting on a save and edit buttons) and still get the same error.

    Have I missed something?

    • AJAX Error Fixed

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


      No you didn't miss anything … I did!

      I tested everything except a SAVE/ EDIT/ SAVE cycle which in hindsight is rather remiss of me.

      The problem was the URL being passed to the AJAX connection call was wrong when the document was opened from a view.

      I have corrected by extracting the root URL of the file from the location.href in the top of the NP_code JS library and using this as a prefix for the AJAX call.

      Please download V1.0.2 and let me know if it now works are you would expect it on your server



      • That's sorted it!

        By Michael o Jackson 1 decade ago


        Yep, that's done the job, fantastic stuff, very impressive NAB picker, with good T-head.

        Thanks for the prompt feedback, all integrated and working in both read/edit mode.



        • Thanks!

          By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


          No problem!

          Apologies for the bug in the first place, rather embarrassing missed QC test on the release 8o)

          If you are interested the next release 1.2.0 with Multiple Name capability and a lower code size footprint should be finished and up as a release by the end of the week if I can work out when and why Domino HTML engine switches the field type from a TEXT to a TEXTAREA for a Multiple Entries field. It doesn't seem to follow any sort of logical pattern.


        • V120 Released

          By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


          Just a note to let you know V120 is up and has multiple field support