• A couple of requests and questions

    By David D Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

    Hi Steve,

    Your name AJAX name picker is excellent. It is the only example for Domino I could find that I could copy to the server and it just worked. Love it! Performance is also better than I imagined.

    I have a couple of requests and questions…

    1) Allow selection using single click (instead of double click)

    This was easy to achieve by just doing a search of &quot;dblclick&quot; &amp; replacing it with &quot;click&quot;<br/>

    2) I'd like the drop down list box (Popup) to disappear if I click outside the field.

    This means that if I accidentally click into a field I can click anywhere else on the page and the drop down list box disappears.<br/>
    I thought I could just put the &quot;NP_closePopup()&quot; on the onBlur event. Unfortunately it didn't allow me to use my keyboard anymore to select entries. Every time I use my keyboard arrow key, the popup closed. Any idea on what I can do?<br/>

    3) This is a cosmetic and not so important request for the drop down list box. Can the popup be opaque and possibly animated in the way it opens & disappears. I'm going to try this using the YUI JS libraries & will let you know.

    I've also got two question:

    I notice if I type in "Steve" in the name picker I get the correct options. When I hit the space bar to make it "Steve ", some of the correct options disappear. When another letter is pressed the correct option is again displayed.

    Is there a reason you didn't use YUI's autocomplete? Was it an issue with performance or flexibility?


    Keep up the good work. Best wishes from Australia.

    Kind Regards


    • By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


      Firstly, Thanks! :-) it is good to get feedback and twice as nice to get good feedback

      Secondly a quick apology. I am on my way to the ILUG 08 conference in Dublin so it will the weekend before I can get a good look at your suggestions and see what I can do.

      01) That should'nt be a problem. It is just a question of changing the events from DLBCLICK to CLICK

      however this does come with a limitation (i know I dev'ed it for single click). On long lists when you want to click and then navigate up and down on the list .. you can't because the click has processed the select.

      02) Righty ho .. again shouldn't be a problem .. all you need to do is have an onclick event active on the body when the popup is active that closes the popup. I would use the yahoo event handlers to add and remove the event…. there is some code that is associated with the [ESC] key which does the same thing that you could use. You might need to get creative with event object to see what has been clicked and whether to hide the popup. I will have a look see @ the weekend. let me know if you make any progress.

      3) Shouldn't be a problem although I have had mixed results with cross browser support for opacity

      IE should be fine, as should FF but the others.. can be a mixed bag.

      4) I would need to look at the code.but I think thats to do with trimming spaces .. I will get onto that first thing. It shouldn't be happening

      5) I wrote this first before autocomplete was available and when it became available I was too far down the dev "road" to be bothered changing it. Which is a nice way of saying I was too lazy :-)

      Anyway better go and do some work….expect another response early next week.. and if you want to chat you can find me on the bleed yellow Sametime server (which if you havent got it is FREE and you can chat to the Big names in Notes)


      • Got the widget autocomplete working

        By David D Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

        Hi Steve,

        Thank you for your very quick reply. How was the ILUG 08 conference?

        Once I had a basic understanding of how your autocomplete worked I thought I'd try to get the new YUI widget autocomplete working. I've succeeded after a lot of fiddling. I'll send you the code, if you're interested - once I've cleaned it up a bit.

        Out of curiosity, just how long did it take to put this application together? It is so involved and deals with browser incompatibilities etc. Great to be able to take advantage of all your hard work.

        Kind Regards