• single quota character

    By Vlad Chivulescu 1 decade ago

    I am trying to make it work with AD and because our global AD has some craps records (like a location having name with a quota) I am getting an error. Looking into code in "NP_findName" function I have noticed that code for:

    mytext = mytext+|location: '|+ThisDCD.location(0)+|', |

    has single quota and the code for email has double quota

    mytext = mytext+|email: "|+emaddy +|", |

    Not sure why is this but I have changed single quota with double quota, the error is gone, and still works fine.



    • Thanks ... Bug fix in 1.2.2

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago



      I didn't think about that particular bug so I have changed the code in the agent to have double-quotes

      to allow for the inclusing of the single-quote in all the relevant fields.

      I am also looking at your other suggestions and hopefully there will be a new release in the next couple of weeks.