• problems when you call the name picker using a text area field...

    By Vlad Chivulescu 1 decade ago

    Hi Steve

    This problem affects 1.2.1 version but it is very likely that the rest of verisions to be affected.

    Lets say that you have an textarea field where you store the name of the persons that you are interested in. Now you would like to add another one. If you change your mind and click on "Cancel" button all it is fine, but if you click on "OK" button regardless if you have added a new person or not the existing persons are lost and only the new person(s) is/are added.

    The workaround is in NP_updateM(e) javascript function where I modified the following code:

       // ** Update the Target field with the value that was selected<br/>
        if (targetField[0].type==&quot;textarea&quot;)<br/>
            if (targetField[0].value == &quot;&quot;) targetField[0].value = A; <br/>
            else {<br/>
                if (NP_selectM[0] == null) targetField[0].value = &quot;&quot;; <br/>
                else {<br/>
                    targetField[0].value = NP_selectM[0].innerText<br/>
                    for (t=1; t &lt; NP_selectM.length; t++) {<br/>
                        targetField[0].value = targetField[0].value +&quot;\n&quot; + NP_selectM[t].innerText<br/>
        } else {<br/>
            targetField[0].value = C;<br/>
        }       <br/>

    It could be a problem if you have a function that modifies your selected persons. I would tink that a solution would be to repopulate again all NP_selectedPeople array but you will know better than me.

    If I may make another suggestion that one would be using semicolon character instead of comma for separating multiple values in notes fields. The Exchange LDAP that I use, and do not think that I am the only one, the format for a user name is "LastName, First Name (Country - Location)"

    hope it helps


    • textArea's

      By Steve McDonagh 1 decade ago


      I think i know what the problem is.. i never expected a