• Load ACLhelp databasename user on R7M1 + Fedora C2 crash

    By Marcel 458 1 decade ago

    Just want to let you know ACLHelp on R7M1 (Running on Fedora Core 2) crashes te server every time I want to use it.

    Are there plans to bring out a release for R7 soon?

    When you need a beta tester, just let me know…..

    • not very likely

      By Ian Cherrill 1 decade ago


      I guess the answer is: I won't be supporting any beta versions of Domino. If you wish to try to compile ACLHelp on R7 then I would be interested to hear your experiences. I'm not sure why you chose Fedora either. Nice system I'm sure, but not likely to be one supported by Domino. Sorry to disappoint, but time is short and there are many platforms and versions of Domino out there. I'll do my best to support major platforms and versions, but if you want anything else - well it is open source code, so you can always try to compile it on your own system/version.

      Best wishes, Ian

    • same problem with 6.5.3 under Win 2003 Server

      By Sven Pelta 1 decade ago


      just wanted to let you know that we have a similar crashing problem here with Domino 6.5.3 and Win 2003 Server.

      Actually it only crashes sometimes (like 50% of the time) which makes the debugging process a lot more enjoyable I'm sure :/