• Also Interested for a port to OS/400...

    By Zeppos Galanos 2 decades ago

    We use OS/400 R5.1 for all servers that we have. It would be nice to have such a utility for this platform

    • any offers?

      By Ian Cherrill 2 decades ago

      I am interested in providing an iSeries version of ACLHelp. In fact work was started on that by someone else a couple of months ago but not completed. The bottom line is I have Solaris, Linux and Windows boxes that I can use. So without any outside help the versions of ACLHelp I can provide are Solaris, Linux and Windows.

      I'd like to have a pSeries and iSeries machine too, but they are not cheap. IBM UK Hursley have been very generous with lending me pSeries and iSeries boxes in the past, but there is considerable effort in porting code and then testing it on Domino R5, R6 and R6.5 on every platform. If anyone would like to volunteer to look after a particular port of ACLHelp then that might maintaining the program a little easier.

      If you think about it, making ACLHelp available for Domino 6.5 means installing 3 new test servers on each platform currently supported and then testing the current ACLHelp. If it doesn't work I then have to recode and recompile the program before re-testing on all platforms. If it doesn't work with the R5 C API Toolkit then I may have to install a newer toolkit and risk losing backward compatability. You should also bear in mind that each platform is a moving target. Will ACLHelp work on Windows NT, 200 and 2003? Solaris 8 and 9? RedHat, Suse, Debian and any other Linux distribution? And all possible versions of Domino on each of those?

      I like working on ACLHelp and I'm glad if it helps everyone. One of the good things about open source is that it allows you to take my code and recompile it on your platform and for your version of Domino. And if it works then you should consider contributing your version back to the project. Please be patient if your particular combination of software is not supported. I would like to be able to help you, but the work is done in addition to my normal job as a Notes administrator and developer.

      Best wishes, Ian