• Login Form in web application

    By Kumar Gaurav 1 decade ago

    I have made a web application. The problem I am facing is login to server. Tell me what would be the default ACL of a web database.

    Second thing is, There are two types of users to access this application…..

         1. Supplier<br/>
         2. Employees of our Company.<br/>

    For suppliers, they will access some areas without any login and password. But employees will access thru login and password. Now the thing is If I set -Default-ACL to No Access, then while opening the homepage of the application it will show server login page first. If it shows server login page then suppliers can not even open the home page of the application. And if I change the -DEfault- ACL to Reader or Designer then server login page won't appear. Now the problem is when Employee will login to enter into there section then it will show the Anonymous user as server login page won't appear in this case. Here employee has login with application based login page. How can I resolve the problem. How can I replace the server login page with my application based login page.

    or I need the same loagin process way as in this openntf.org website have. In this website loginform appears is in dominoCFG.nsf or is it in some other database