• load aclhelp mail\* -mailowner -editor

    By Claes Ström 2 decades ago

    possibility to change "ownners" user access rights of a mail database.

    In "R6" the users only need to be Editor to be able to enable "Out of office" (Designer if INotes).

    It's possible to get Username from the field Owner in the form "Calendar Profile".

    This functionality would be gold for admins with many users (whem upgraded to "R6").

    • good idea

      By Ian Cherrill 2 decades ago


      Thanks for your suggestion. It does sound like a good idea. It might be a bit of extra coding to read the profile doc - I'll see if I can add it in to the next release (1.2).

      Cheers, Ian

    • Did this happen?

      By Steve DF Bailey 2 decades ago

      Has this functionality been cooked up yet, chefs?