• naclhelp on windows NT

    By mapa3m m mapa3myc 1 decade ago


    i have some servers on the windows NT with Lotus Domino on them.

    have a problem with 2 servers to load naclhelp

    when i send "load naclhelp" everything i have is just promt changed from > to > >

    what it can be?

    all NTFS rights is ok

    all NT are the same

    all Domino servers are the same release 5.0.12

    please help

    • command prompt

      By Ian Cherrill 1 decade ago

      You mean the command prompt? ACLHelp is a Domino server task and you should run it from the Domino console using the command load aclhelp. If you run from the Windows prompt you type naclhelp.exe. I don't think load naclhelp would do anything - but I have never tried it.

      Regards, Ian