• Unable to get product to work on S390 Platform

    By Danny Bechtel 2 decades ago

    Hello, I'm interested in running this program (aclhelp) on a S390 IBM

    Mainframe. We have downloaded the code and have attempted to compile an

    executable file for the S390 platform unsuccessfully. Other admins within

    our company have used this on NT and on SUN UNIX with success. Have you had

    anyone use this in a S390 environment, running MVS and Unix System

    Services? We are running R5.0.10 and compiled executables with the R507,

    R508, R509, and R6 C modules without success. Thanks for any information

    you can send me.

    • S390 support

      By Ian Cherrill 2 decades ago


      I'd love to get ACLHelp running on an S390. I suspect the problem you have is that S390 and AS/400 (should we call them zSeries and iSeries now?) are not ASCII machines and the Lotus C API does not translate strings from ASCII to EBCDIC (and vice-versa) by default. You have to use the OSTranslate function. This is quite a bit of coding work.

      I have an old (simpler) version of ACLHelp that IBM helped me port to the AS/400, so this will give us an idea how to do the translation. I can dig out this source code if it is useful.

      Are you a C programmer or do you have a C programmer in your team? If so, maybe you could help port to S390?

      Thanks, Ian Cherrill