• load aclhelp bd.nsf -manager freezes the domino server

    By Daniel Ferradal 2 decades ago


    This is an important one.

    load aclhelp bd.nsf -manager "withoutname"

    A friend of mine has tried this command by mistake forgetting to add the question mark "?" under windows - lotus domino 5.06a and it caused a total freeze of the server. This can be a common error and freezing instead of giving a simple error message can be dangerous.

    I've tried the same under linux domino 5.0.12 and it also freezes the server.

    I dont know if this is a Domino bug or something caused by aclhelp, but you have to watch out and dont make this mistake or you can get your domino server down.

    This is what I got:> load aclhelp mail\adomino.nsf -manager

    > Fatal Error signal = 0x0000000B PID/TID = 534/16384

    Freezing all server threads …

    • confirmed

      By Ian Cherrill 2 decades ago


      Thanks for reporting that - I have checked and it is the same on my test server too. As it is a serious bug I will try to have a fix asap. Thanks for pointing it out.


      • glad to help

        By Daniel Ferradal 2 decades ago

        Not everyday somebody makes a tool as usefull as you have made and for free with source code included… I am more than pleased to be of any help.