• db path

    By Mr Guide 1 decade ago


    this app is very good job, thanx .

    so I have a little question - is it possible to define server PATH (e.g. mail_databases_path\ ) where I want to get info about ACL? I'm asking because agent scanning ALL databases on server and i want reduce number of scanned databases.


    • Not yet, but...

      By Brian Sherwood 1 decade ago

      Hi, it is not a default feature, yet… :->

      You can try making a copy of the main agent (Level 1 scan), and altering the initialise line 25 to 38 to:

      server = thisdb.server<br/>
      Set directory = New NotesDbDirectory( server ) <br/>
      Set db = directory.GetFirstDatabase( TEMPLATE_CANDIDATE ) <br/>
      Call db.Open( &quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot; ) <br/>
      While Not(db Is Nothing) <br/>
          If Instr(db.FilePath, {mail_databases_path\}) Then 'Added line to restrict to a path<br/>
              count = count + 1 <br/>
          'elog &quot;Scanning with &quot; &amp; db.title, False<br/>
              scannsf db<br/>
          End If<br/>


          Set db = directory.GetnextDatabase <br/>
          Call db.Open( &quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot; ) <br/>
      Wend <br/>

      You will have to check this as this is just off the top of my head. When I can get a break I will add it as a new feature.

      Thanks for the positive feedback.