• OK, so I created an NSF from the NTF...

    By Terry A Davis 1 decade ago

    I have created a database from the template. Now what? How do I get it to collect information?

    I am not a Notes developer. I am barely a Notes admin. Such things need to be explained to me.

    • Just one Agent to turn on

      By Brian Sherwood 1 decade ago

      There is just one agent to turn on called

      'Level 1 Scan'

      It may take 2 runs to complete the full audit.

      So open the database, then from the Notes Client Menu, View \ Agents.

      You need to enable the agent. Ideally you also need to sign the agent with an ID that has access to all the databases on the server, otherwise some of the results may come back a bit short:->

      You may also want to open the agent and check the schedule, maybe setting it to once a week?