• User Phone#, Dep, Duty

    By Dmitriy Bolshakov 2 decades ago


    Thanks for a great project!

    I'll be glad to see next features in !!HELP!!

    In New Ticket form, when operator type User name, some field complete automaticaly - phone number, dep. Values teked from Domino Directory.

    In our organization we don't support the future in domino directory. Instead, we use own database linked to HR module.

    My wish is that it will be possible to configure where are the values must be taken - from domino directory or by formula.

    next one wish - please add field Duty, to store/show User position(post)

    Thnx for good job!

    • By Ulrich Krause 2 decades ago

      there will be a new feature in 1.0.6 or later where you can configure the source for user lookup

      choose database, view and fieldnames to connect to !!HELP!!

      • Thanks

        By Dmitriy Bolshakov 2 decades ago
      • Thanks

        By Dmitriy Bolshakov 2 decades ago

        But may be it be besser if that will be done by user formula?

        In that case it will be possible to retrain date not just from just field dut few fields and make some conversion of they value?

        Just do that myself (not by config doc, just change fields), and find that field [user] should be changed too.


        Type: Names, Editable

        Use Address dialog for choises

        Look up names as each character entered

        NOT Look up addresses on document refresh

        Best wishes!