If you are looking for websockets project, please goto the xockets.io project here on OpenNTF.

WebShell extension library for XPages is the parent library for a few sub projects (ioswebshell, and APNHub).
The webshell control creates the div tags that configure the iOS webshell from your XPage applications.
Please review the iOS webshell documentation to help in understanding the purpose of this ext lib.
Also, there are a few blog posts about the ext lib, and its purpose on my blog.

APNHub adds a database (apn.nsf) to store the certificate push notification .p12 file, a RESTful API,
and plugins to support a high throughput push notifications. APNHub uses an in memory concurrent linked queue,
so be sure to have enough RAM on your server, and set the appropriate JVM heap size in the notes.ini based on your projected load.

websocket plugin adds support for browser based websockets. It leverages http://java-websocket.org/ bare-bones websocket api. Please read the websocket-setup.pdf file that is stored with this repo for instructions on how to install.

more info can be found here:

APNHub Doc:

Websocket Setup Doc:

Dependencies (all can be found on openNTF)
-Domino/XWork Server 9.0.1
-Bootstrap4XPages plugin
-XPages Extention Library
-iOS webshell client