Date Name Downloads
Feb 18, 2016 myWebGate 2.22 306
Jun 16, 2015 myWebGate 2.21 244
May 5, 2015 myWebGate Version 2.2 141
Jul 19, 2013 myWebGate Version 2.0 524
Jan 25, 2013 myWebGate Version 1.3 353
Nov 3, 2012 myWebGate Version 1.2.1 345
Oct 1, 2012 myWebGate Version 1.2.0 325
Jun 25, 2012 myWebGate Version 1.1.0 383
Jun 3, 2012 myWebGate Version 1.0.0 248
myWebGate Version 1.1.0
myWebGate Version 1.1.0
Jun 25, 2012
Apache License

Change List for Version 1.1

Activity Stream

- Number of likes shown on a post in the activitystream has been fixed.
- Micropublisher now supports photo upload (HTML5 multi file uploader with drag&drop)
- Micropublisher URL link fetcher thumbnail parsing improved (OpenGraph)
- Posts can be deleted.
- Comments can be edited or deleted.
- YouTube Videos will be recognized. Embedded player will load in the activity stream.
- Improvements in OpenSocial 2.x compatibility

Profile Editor

- You can now upload, crop and resize your profile photo and profile theme background image.
- Avatar photo can be set to a different picture than the profile photo. (Avatar photo is the small thumbnail shown in your comments and posts)
- Optional notification in the activity stream when a user changes his photo.
- Automatic creation and handling of photo storage database(s) by the backend. (Make sure the signer has enough rights to create new databases)
- Web Accounts section in the profile is now available, where you can add your skype address and links to various other online services.
- Organisation information widget will display manager, deputy and assistance if defined.
- Reporting chain widget will show your reporting chain when you have a manager defined in your profile.

Administration Section

- New button to check if a new version of myWebGate is available
- New logging options
- Community Admins can edit any user profile in "Manage User Profiles" of the community admin section.
- Community Admins can register new "internal" users from the "Manage User Profiles" page in the community admin section. This is useful if myWebGate acts as the primary directory for internal users (XWork server environments)