assono Framework 2 is a great fundament for developing modern Notes client and Domino Web applications. It consists of a system of LotusScript classes, forms, views etc. which fulfill most non-functional requirements for applications thus you can concentrate on the specific requirements of your current project.

Some features are:

  • base classes like BaseModel, BaseController, BaseViewController
  • derived classes like MonitoringModel and BusinessModel
  • relations between documents
  • logged deletions with backups
  • item-level history for documents
  • keywords: values, lists and pairs; with defaults
  • export any view to Microsoft Excel
  • advanced error handling
  • logging (local or central log db)
  • context-sensitive help
  • "Latest News" announcements
  • serial numbers
  • lots of utility classes and functions

    assono Framework is built using object-oriented LotusScript around the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. Creating a new form involves creating the form itself ;-) and subclassing the a Model and a Controller class, defining such things as field constraints (mandatory, formats, ranges) or a field-level history.

    The framework is bi-lingual: English and German and allows to create mulit-langual applications.

    See for a sample application using this framework.