Date Name Downloads
Jun 14, 2012 XPagesToolbox 1.2 2139
May 25, 2012 XPagesToolbox 1.1 350
Apr 19, 2010 1.0 1401
XPagesToolbox 1.1
XPagesToolbox 1.1
May 25, 2012
Apache License

This release contains some updates:

1- A new view, "Hierarchical Dominators" only shows the significant entries and remove all the other entries with less than 10ms

2- The CPU views now features a navigator to collapse/expand all the entries at once, as well as a way to set the number of entries to be displayed.

3- A new tab shows a list of the existing threads. I would like to get this extended in the future with more information on the thread activity.

The documentation now also explain how to install the toolbox on the Notes client. I also refrained to move it to the extension library, to not have it as a requirement (for now :-)).

We successfully used it when debugging several projects, so I hope it will help you as well.