XPages OpenLog Logger v6.0.0
XPages OpenLog Logger v6.0.0
Nov 23, 2015
Apache License


Java error logging calls will need amending for when migrating to 6.0.0. All OpenLogItem static calls have been replaced with com.paulwithers.openLog.OpenLogUtil methods.


of OpenLogItem.logError() and OpenLogItem.logEvent() need changing to
OpenLogUtil.logError() and OpenLogUtil.logEvent(). Any other method
calls to OpenLogItem will need amending to
OpenLogUtil.getOpenLogItem(). Using DDE's Search functionality will
allow a “find and replace”.

error/ event logging requires no amendments.

Full details of enhancements included in M5 can be found in the GitHub project: https://github.com/paulswithers/openlogjava/issues?milestone=6&state=closed


Fix for error thrown if historyUrls is empty

Add the user message in OpenLogItem.addFacesMessage()

Add the user message in OpenLog's database views

Configuration option to remove “Event logged for” in database

Fix for error when invalid component id for partial refresh

Fix for erroneous reporting of database source of error in plugin

Configuration option to include full URL in logs

Fix for ParseException not captured in uncaught exceptions

Add OpenLogUtil class as Java entry point, for best practice

Use enum for “Error” and “Event”

Configuration option to auto-create database based on template