Date Name Downloads
Dec 16, 2013 2.0.1 2316
Jun 6, 2012 1.2 1010
Jun 2, 2012 1.1 126
May 31, 2012 Initial release 1.0 109
Dec 16, 2013
Apache License
New features in 2.0
  • Can read any text file on the server
  • Files can be downloaded on the client
  • Better file browser (files are sorted by date)
  • Browse all .jar files in the Ext folder on the server - or download them for closer inspection
  • Improved UI (wider screen, easier scrolling)
  • Custom filters: e.g. highlight error/warning messages or hide the time/dates
  • Better security. The default Log File Reader can be used by Anonymous users - but restricted files can only be viewed by Administrators & Developers specified on the server document in the Domino directory
  • You can customize the Log File Reader by editing the Config.xml file
  • Add more files
  • Use a custom xlst file to transform xml files to more readable html
  • Specify file encoding, e.g. utf-8 to support other languages
  • Define your own filters

Release 2.5 (soon)
  • Can read any nsf file, e.g. the OpenNTF log file or your own custom log file