This project is a collection of custom controls. Currently there are only 5 controls

  • ccCalendar - displays a monthly calendar which contains an editable area to place data on the calendar
  • ccCalData - Place in the editable area of ccCalendar to display data based from a view
  • ccCalDay - A day view containing all the entries for the selected day
    ccCalWeek - A blank week view
ccCalViewSel - A toolbar for changing between day/week/month views and a dojo calendar widget to select a dateĀ 

Currently there is no support for creating entries on the week calendars. I am looking for help accomplishing this if anyone is willing to help.

Future enhancements include:

  • Support for showing the time an entry spans on the week views
  • Configurable Start day for the week (Sunday or Monday)

    The calendar is using the XPages Framework for styling the UI and the logic behind building the calendar came from Declan Lynch's series of posts on building a calendar control. Jeremy Hodge also helped A LOT with the ccCalViewSel control and the addOnLoad function.