This application can be used in many ways…

  1. Bookmark manager: For storing all your web bookmarks in a structured way
  2. Notes Workspace: for replacing your notes workspace, store all your Notes bookmarks and open them using notes:// links from web
  3. Todo list: for keeping track of all your todo's in a structured way
  4. Planner: for keeping track of all your projects and releated bookmarks, files, text etc.
  5. Code snippets: for storing your code from different coding languages with syntax highlighting.
  6. and many more

For all features in each release, see Download/Releases


  • Domino server 12.0.2 (probably works in all releases of Domino 9, 10, 11 and 12)
  • MS Edge or Chrome browser (allow javascript and cookies)
  • Extension Library (included in Domino)

How to install

  1. Create a database based on the downloaded ntf file and place it on a Domino server
  2. Sign the application with the server id file.
  3. Open the ACL and make sure that Anonymous is set as Editor + Delete documents
  4. Open the user view in Notes client and create a new user, enter username and password
  5. Login to the application by opening the application in a web browser.


  • When a user login to the application using a webbrowser a unique session id is created. this id is stored in a cookie in the user browser. the same id is stored in the user document.
  • When user access the webpage the unique id in the cookie is matched against the unique id set in the user document. if it is a match the user is logged in.
  • Users can be logged in from different devices at the same time by. each device then get a unique id.
  • All browser cookies are set to expire in 10 days
  • To prevent a user from logging in you can remove the user from the users view.
  • To force a user to login again you can clear the session id in the user document.


  • If you use this application, please send me a note and if you are a developer and found a way to speed up the application please send me a note

  • only tested in Chrome and Edge and Domino 12.0.2

  • This is a web-only application, it does not run correctly using XPINC (XPages in Notes Client)

Created 2023-04-08